Ultimate House Washing is a family owned and operated business that serves the Northern beaches and Hills districts of Sydney, as well as the Central Coast.

Started in 2005, in a short space of time we have washed over 5,000 properties for home owners, commercial buildings, strata, rental properties and local councils. Most of our clients are either repeat customers or have been referred to us by happy customers who believe that we deliver quality work and great customer service.

Our business is built on quality finishes and a professional, friendly service. We are hard working, honest, fast and reliable. We deliver on what we promise. No hidden costs, no surprises and no cross sell and upsell! Just honest and reliable service that meet your expectations and your needs.

Our quotation process is available 7 days a week free of charge. We can provide quick, specific and if your job is urgent, we can agree on the spot with you. No waiting around for weeks just to get a quote or book the job in! We understand there is nothing worse than uncertainty when you want something done quickly! Once quoted and agreed to we will be on the job within a couple of days.

Many other operators offer cheap solutions to your needs but be aware! High pressure cleaning of some surfaces such as the outside of your house, certain roofs and brick work can result in paint being lifted and surfaces being damaged, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

If you want it done right first time, then call us. Don't compromise quality for the lowest price... you could be paying much more in the long run as a result! And while no one wants anything to go wrong, we guarantee to make sure you are completely satisfied and the work to your satisfaction, no matter what it takes! We stand behind our pledge, 100% customer satisfaction….Guaranteed!